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vol. 16, No. 4, 1993, p. 271-392


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Editorial Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 271


E. Bechara

Artigos Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 275-279


Nucleophilic Aromatic Photosubstitution Reactions in Aqueous Solution and in Organized Media

A. C. Tedesco, L. C. Nogueira, J. B. S. Bonilha, E. O. Alonso and F. H. Quina

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 280-287


The Use of Basic Dyes as Photochemical Probes

M. G. Neumann and M. J. Tiera

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 288-293


Thermochemical Parameters for Molecules and Reaction Intermediates Containing the Diphenylmethyl Moiety

C. Bohne and J. C. Scaiano

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 294-300


A Kinetic Study on the Photodynamic Properties of the Xanthene Dye Merbromin (Mercurochrome) and its Aggregates with Amino Acids in Aqueous Solution

G. Martínez, S. G. Bertolotti, O. E. Zimerman, N. A. García, D. O. Mártire and S. E. Braslavsky

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 301-303


Biological Implications of Riboflavin Sensitized Photoproducts of Tryptophan. A Review.

E. Silva

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 304-307


Synthesis and Photochemistry of Oligonucleotides Containing Thiosubstituted Nucleobases. Model Photoreactions for DNA Photolesions

A. Favre, P. Laugâa, A. Woisard, P. Clivio and J.-L. Fourrey

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 308-311


Thermolysis of 3-[(Trimethylsilyloxy)methyl]-3,4,4-trimethyl-1,2-dioxetane: Activation Parameters, Chemiexcitation Yields and Deprotection

A. L. Baumstark, T. Baranowski and P. C. Vasquez

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 312-315


Triplet Carbonyl Species Generated from 3-Hidroxymethyl-3,4,4-trimethyl-1,2-dioxetane (HTMD) Induce on cis,trans Isomerization of Carotenóids

H. Sies, M. Hanusch, W. Stahl and A. R. Sundquist

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 316-320


Furocoumarin Dioxetanes and Hydroperoxides as Novel Photobiological DNA-Damaging Agents

W. Adam, T. Mosandl, D. Ramaiah, C. R. Saha-Möller, B. Epe and D. Wild

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 321-324


Luminescent Products from Ozonolysis Reactions

K. R. Kopecky

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 325-327


Singlet Oxygen Oxidation of Organophosphorus Compounds: Cooxidation of Olefin with Phosphadioxirane

T. Akasaka, I. Kita, M. Haranaka and W. Ando

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 328-336


Genetic Deleterious Effects of Singlet Oxygen

C. F. M. Menck, P. Di Mascio, L. F. Agnez, D. T. Ribeiro and R. C. Oliveira

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 337-342


Polyamine Content and Cell Cycle in a Unicellular Alga. Data are Consistent with Polyamines' Function of Protecting DNA against Oxidative Damage by Singlet Oxygen

Y.-H. Mei, T. Wilson and A. U. Khan

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 343-349


Spectroscopic Studies of Aggregation and Autoxidation Properties of the Polyene Antibiotic Amphotericim B

S. Schreier and M. T. Lamy-Freund

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 350-353


Peroxidase Catalyzed Electronic Excitations in Brazil and Canada: Isobutyraldehyde and Indole-Acetic Acid. The Importance of the Initiation Step

H. B. Dunford

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 354-359


Phagocyte Luminescence: from Quantum Mechanical Considerations to Clinical Applications

R. C. Allen

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 360-364


Stoichiometric Ratios of Reactive Oxygen Species Production by Polymorphonuclear Leukocites

A. G. Prat, M. Galleano, A. S. Llera and A. Boveris

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 365-369


Hydroxyl Radical Formation in Biological Systems

I. Yamazaki

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 370-372


In vivo Free Radical Formation Monitored by the Ascorbyl Radical

M. A. Pedro, M. Gatty and O. Augusto

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 373-376


Enhanced Urinary Spontaneous Visible Luminescence in Smokers

E. A. Lissi, R. M. Salim-Hanna, L. A. Rojas, C. Silva and L. A. Videla

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 377-380


Oxidative DNA Damage and Homeostasis of Intracellular Iron and Copper Ions

R. Meneghini, E. A. L. Martins and M. Calderaro

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 381-384


The Role of Ca2+ in the Process of Mitochondrial Damage Associated with Oxidative Stress

A. E. Vercesi

Quim. Nova 1993, 16(4), 385-392


A Free Radical Hypothesis of Lead Poisoning and Inborn Porphyrias Associated with 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Overload

E. J. H. Bechara, M. H. G. Medeiros, H. P. Monteiro, M. Hermes-Lima, B. Pereira, M. Demasi, C. A. Costa, D. S. P. Abdalla, J. Onuki, C. M. A. Wendel and P. Di Mascio


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