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vol. 37, No. 9, 2014, p. 1427-1578


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Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1515-1524

Cristalização convencional de zeólitas e induzida por sementes

Luiz H. Vieira; Mariana V. Rodrigues; Leandro Martins*

Seed-assisted synthesis of zeolites diminishes crystallization time and enables the industrial use of certain zeolites


Publicado online: agosto 11, 2014
Artigos Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1427-1435


Particulate matter in the indoor environment of museums in the megacity of São Paulo

Andrea CavicchioliI,*; Ericka Pardini MorroneI; Adalgiza FornaroII

In heavily polluted Sao Paulo (Brazil), indoor air quality in museums is impacted to varying degrees by particulate matter (PM) and black carbon (BC) particles that originate outdoors, primarily from motor vehicle emissions.


Publicado online: setembro 22, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1436-1440


Preconcentration of copper from natural water samples using ligand-less in situ surfactant-based solid phase extraction prior to faas determination

Sayed Zia MohammadiI,*; Daryoush AfzaliII; Fatemeh SabermahaniI; Samira AfshariI

Ligand-less in situ surfactant-based solid phase extraction for the preconcentration of copper from natural water samples prior to FAAS determination.


Publicado online: agosto 28, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1441-1445


Poliuretanos obtenidos a partir de aceite de higuerilla modificado y poli-isocianatos de lisina: síntesis, propiedades mecánicas y térmicas y degradación in vitro

Manuel F. Valero; Luis E. Díaz*

Biodegradable polyurethanes (PUR) were prepared from polyols derived from castor oil by transesterification of pentaerythritol-modified castor oil and lysine polyisocyanates (LDI and LTI). This study aims to examine the effect of the structure and functionality of diisocyanate on the mechanical properties and in vitro degradation of the material.


Publicado online: agosto 11, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1446-1452


Modulating the electronic structure of amino acids: interaction of model lewis acids with anthranilic acid

Tareq Irshaidat*

Interaction of a Lewis acid with an amino acid weakens the H-O bond of the carboxylic acid group and results in a spontaneous proton transfer to the nitrogen generating a zwitterion structure that incorporates a strong stabilizing N-H.O hydrogen bonding.


Publicado online: setembro 5, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1453-1458


Alcaloides isoquinolínicos e investigação das atividades antiplasmódica e antibacteriana de Guatteria citriodora (Annonaceae)

Diego de M. RabeloI; Maria L. Belém PinheiroI,*; Andersson BarisonII; Kahlil S. SaloméII; Emmanoel V. CostaIII; Felipe M. Araujo da SilvaII; Yury O. ChavesIV; Ivanildes dos S. BastosIV

Phytochemical investigations of the stem bark, leaves and twigs of Guatteria citriodora resulted in the isolation of aporphinoids and protoberberine alkaloids. The results for antiplasmodial and antibacterial activities were promising and attributed to alkaloidal constituents.


Publicado online: agosto 27, 2014
PDF Informação suplementar
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1459-1464


Modificação do polímero condutor polianilina para uso como trocador catiônico

Rafael L. Zornitta; Guilherme Pincelli; Luís A. M. Ruotolo*

Polyaniline was modified with the large anion p-toluenesulfonate to obtain cation-exchange properties.


Publicado online: agosto 11, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1465-1468


Separation and purification of three stilbenes from the radix of Polygonum cillinerve (Nakai) Ohwl by macroporous resin column chromatography combined with high-speed counter-current chromatography

Xiaofeng Chi; Yuxiu Xing; Yuancan Xiao; Qi Dong; Fengzu Hu*

trans-resveratrol-3-O-glucoside, pieceid-2"-O-gallate and trans-resveratrol were separated and purified from the radix of Polygonum cillinerve (Nakai) Ohwl by macroporous resin column chromatography combined with high-speed counter-current chromatography.


Publicado online: setembro 22, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1469-1473


Comportamento eletroquímico e avaliação da difusão in vitro do α-tocoferol associado à iontoforese

Elisa PaludoI; Laís BrescianiII; Maurício HilgemannII; Joao Alberto TassinaryI; Simone StülpII,*

Iontophoresis is a method of administering substances through the skin, which uses electrical current or potential to promote transdermal delivery. This paper showed that iontophoresis increased the diffusion and degradation of α-tocopherol.


Publicado online: agosto 27, 2014
PDF Informação suplementar
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1474-1478


Phytochemical study, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of Stemodia maritima

Francisca R. L. da SilvaI; Francisco E. A. RodriguesI; Aldenia R. S. GomesI; Angela M. C. ArriagaI,*,#; Jair MafezoliI; Telma L. G. LemosI; Macia C. S. de AlmeidaI; Gilvandete M. P. SantiagoI,II; Raimundo Braz-FilhoIII; José G. M. da CostaIV; Fabiola F. G. RodriguesIV; Henrique D. M. CoutinhoIV

Stemodinol, a new natural compound, was isolated from leaves of Stemodia maritima, and the structure was unambiguously established by 1D and 2D NMR techniques. The antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of other compounds from Stemodia maritima were investigated.


Publicado online: setembro 22, 2014
PDF Informação suplementar
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1479-1486


Avaliação da labilidade de alumínio em infusões de erva-mate empregando voltametria adsortiva de redissolução catódica

Bruna Kauely de CamposI; Jéssica Pacheco dos PrazeresI; Yohandra Reyes TorresI, Vanessa Egéa dos AnjosI,II; Sueli Pércio QuináiaI,*

A sensitive method was developed to measure aluminum lability by employing Absorptive Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry. The bioavailable (labile) fraction of Al was determined in yerba mate infusions.


Publicado online: agosto 11, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1487-1490


Estudo químico das folhas de trichilia silvatica (meliaceae)

Aloízio de Oliveira SoaresI; Adrienn Gianny Leguizamon FerreiraII; Luzinátia Ramos SoaresIII; Joaquim CorsinoII; Fernanda Rodrigues GarcezII; Walmir Silva GarcezII,*

Phytochemical study of Trichilia silvatica led to the isolation of pregnanes and diterpenes. Clerodanes are considered potential insecticides and therefore might be responsible, along with steroids, for the larvicidal activity of the extract from leaves of T. silvatica.


Publicado online: agosto 27, 2014
PDF Informação suplementar
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1491-1495


Phytochemical investigation of wissadula periplocifolia (L.) C. presl and evaluation of its antibacterial activity

Yanna C. F. TelesI; Roosevelt A. GomesI; Micaelly da S. OliveiraI; Kaio L. de LucenaI; José S. do NascimentoI; Maria de Fátima AgraII; John O. IgoliIII; Alexander I. GrayIII; Maria de Fátima V. de SouzaI,*

This is a phytochemical study on the Wissadula genus. The isolated compounds were obtained by usual chromatographic techniques and identified by spectroscopic analysis. The fractions and compounds from Wissadula periplocifolia showed antibacterial activity.


Publicado online: agosto 28, 2014
PDF Informação suplementar
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1496-1502


Determinação voltamétrica de amitriptilina em formulações farmacêuticas com eletrodo de diamante dopado com boro explorando medidas em meio Ácido

Eduardo Henrique DuarteI; Felipe Augusto GorlaI; Elen Romao SartoriI; César Ricardo Teixeira TarleyI,II,*

The proposed method, based on electroxidation of amitriptyline at a boron-doped diamond electrode, is stable for several measures and demonstrates desirable features, such as good precision (intra- and inter-day) and accuracy, for routine analyses.


Publicado online: agosto 11, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1503-1509


Interactions of chitosan/genipin hydrogels during drug delivery: a QSPR approach

Nancy L. Delgadillo-ArmendarizI; Norma A. Rangel-VazquezI,*; Edgar A. Marquez-BrazonII,III; Blanca Rojas-De GascueII

Molecular electrostatic potential (MESP) of (a) chitosan/genipin and (b) chitosan (genipin)/glibenclamide calculated using the AM1 method.


Publicado online: setembro 5, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1510-1514


Simultaneous determination of four phenolic compounds in extracts of aerial parts of Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. Br. (Convolvulaceae) by HPLC-UV

Daniela Maes Dutra; Cristiane da Silva Barth; Luciana Catia Block; Nara Lins Meira Quintao; Angélica Garcia Couto; Valdir Cechinel Filho; Tania Mari Bellé Bresolin

An HPLC-UV method for the determination of isoquercitrin (ISQ) and isochlorogenic acids A, B and C (ISA, ISB and ISC) in a hydroethanolic spray-dried extract of Ipomoea pes-caprae was validated and applied to study the stability of herbal drugs and extractive solutions.


Publicado online: agosto 28, 2014
Revisao Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1525-1532


Resolução multivariada de curvas com mínimos quadrados alternantes: descrição, funcionamento e aplicações

Paulo Henrique MarçoI,*; Patrícia ValderramaI; Guilherme Lionello AlexandrinoII; Ronei Jesus PoppiII; Romà TaulerIII

A powerful tool for the resolution, identification and quantification of target compounds in the presence of interferences is described: MCR-ALS applications and the most recent advances, evolution, advantages and drawbacks besides new applications are provided.


Publicado online: julho 22, 2014
Nota Técnica Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1533-1537


Efeitos da rugosidade superficial nas propriedades de passivação de monocamadas orgânicas automontadas

Tiago A. BenitesI; Willian C. RibeiroI; Márcio S. GóesII; Antonio A. P. FerreiraI; Paulo R. BuenoI,*

The degree of compression of the monolayer (SAMs) properties of formation and reproducibility of the electrochemical response depends on the roughness factor, with values closer to the unit being better


Publicado online: agosto 28, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1538-1544


Estudo do teste de Scott via técnicas espectroscópicas: um método alternativo para diferenciar cloridrato de cocaína e seus adulterantes

Vitor N. ConceiçaoI; Lindamara M. SouzaII; Bianca B. MerloIII; Paulo R. FilgueirasIV; Ronei J. PoppiIV; Wanderson RomaoI,II,*

Attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopies for distinguishing between cocaine and other adulterants (lidocaine, promethazine, powdered milk and yeast) that yield positive results on the Scott test are described.


Publicado online: agosto 28, 2014
Educaçao Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1545-1549


Experimento utilizando grãos para explorar a calibração em análises químicas#

Daniel Menezes SilvestreI; Juliana NaozukaII; Paulo Rogério Miranda CorreiaIII; Cassiana Seimi NomuraI,*

The conceptual understanding of calibration is no easy task for undergraduate students. The differences, similarities and proper application of external calibration, standard addition calibration and internal standard calibration can be explored with a simple experiment using grains.


Publicado online: julho 22, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1550-1558


Automatic evaluation and data generation for analytical chemistry instrumental analysis exercises

Arsenio Muñoz de la PeñaI,*; David Muñoz de la PeñaII; María P. Godoy-CaballeroI; David González-GómezIII; Fabio Gómez-EsternIV; Carlos SánchezII

Goodle Grading Management System (GMS) is a completely different evaluation method facilitating automatic data generation and grading for complex exercises, which enables students to independently complete personalized exercises and submit their solutions online, while receiving immediate feedback.


Publicado online: agosto 28, 2014
PDF Informação suplementar
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1559-1565


Textos científicos de autoria de graduandos em química: análise dos professores

Jane Raquel Silva de OliveiraI; Salete Linhares QueirozII,*

Aspects of scientific language considered by chemistry professors in the evaluation of scientific texts authored by undergraduate chemistry students.


Publicado online: agosto 27, 2014
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1566-1572


Desenvolvimento de um sistema de análise por injeção em fluxo utilizando materiais alternativos de baixo custo para fins didáticos

Bruna C. S. MoreiraI; Regina M. TakeuchiI; Eduardo M. RichterII; André L. SantosI,*

Low-cost materials from hospital applications were used to build an FIA system, which was able to demonstrate the influence of the main operational parameters on the transient signals. Thus, this system can be regarded as an efficient and accessible didactic tool for teaching FIA principles.


Publicado online: julho 15, 2014
PDF Informação suplementar
Quim. Nova 2014, 37(9), 1573-1578


Dinâmicas de inquiry no estudo de perturbações a um estado de equilíbrio químico

Hugo Vieira; Carla Morais; Joao Paiva*

What are the best ways to teach Science nowadays so as to serve contemporary students and society? Here we present one such approach, inquiry Modules, an inquiry dynamic, along with an example, available in full from a website, applied to teach Le Chatelier's Principle.


Publicado online: julho 29, 2014

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